An Elf's Christmas

Submitted by gary69
2083 days ago
Hi Guy's I hope your all getting ready for Christmas and looking forward to a nice relaxing Holiday, but spare a thought for all us hard working elf's up here at Santa's toy factory in the North Pole this is our busiest time of year and That Grumpy old Git Santa works us poor elf's so hard we hardly get any time to ourselves so when I met up with Elf Trisha it was time for some Elf On Elf fun. I had brought some Magnetic Nipple Clamps from the Production line and Elf Trisha's Big Nipples were just ideal for them so after some licking and sucking I slipped them on and they fitted perfectly and she certainly was enjoying the experience. We soon were hard at it and Elf Trisha gave me an awesome Fucking with her Strap-On but we hadn't been watching the time and we were well over our Lunch Break and the next thing we knew The Elf Forman caught us and gave us a good spanking before sending us back to work. I had got all the Overtime Figures and Holiday Pay worked out so took the Figures to Santa but he was more interested in getting his dirty hands all over me and he soon had me stripped off and on my back with his Head between my legs sucking on my sweet elf pussy. After a lot of Hot Oral Action Santa gave me a good fucking before I decided to get my own back, so I bent him over and gave his Arse a good seeing to with my Prostate massager but between you and me I really think he enjoyed It ! Morgan xxx

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