Back in Detention

Submitted by Aleksei
990 days ago
I’m in Trouble again, no surprises there and I’m in detention again but I’m not alone and Lily may is With me and we are soon joined by Victoria AKA Classy Filth who was caught with No knickers on, so Lily and I took ours off too and hung them up on the coat pegs before having a good look at Victoria’s sweet Pussy then getting our tits out and playing with them, we got Lily up on the desk and sucked on her nipples while rubbing her pussy. My turn on the desk and I got comfortable and lay back with my legs open while Lily sucked hard on my wet pussy and Victoria sucked on my nipples before joining Lily licking and fingering my pussy, they finger fucked me hard until I reached orgasm, Lily’s turn again and we finger fucked her too and I sucked hard on her clit making it really Hard and we soon made her cum, we were all very aroused and kissed each other and fondled each other’s breasts and were lost in the Moment but then…. Shock Horror ! ….. The Head master came in and caught us ! Trisha xxx

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