Help - Fix my Laptop

Submitted by Aleksei
657 days ago
I had had a good day at work buy my PC was playing up and I had a Presentation to finish for the morning but the I.T. expert from work Ricky said he would pop round and help me fix it and it wasn’t long before he turned up and quickly fixed the problem and I was so great full and I didn’t know how to reward him, but I must admit I was dressed rather seductively and he soon succumbed to my womanly charms and we were soon kissing and cuddling and one thing led to another and my tits were soon out and he couldn’t resist sucking on my erect nipples, I felt his cock getting hard so dropped to my knees and released it and started sucking on it, thinks were getting hot so I invited him into my Bedroom. I led him into my boudoir and after some more kissing I had him stripped off and laying naked on my bed, I removed my skirt and slipped down my panties and climbed on the bed and sucked some more on his stiff cock before I straddled his face so he could gorge on my juicy pussy, lick my clit and suck on my long pussy lips, I was getting really excited and his throbbing cock was enticing me so I climbed aboard and slid down his glistening shaft I rode him hard and he soon was ready to cum and as I slid off him he shot his full load and I quickly got down and licked it all up and rubbed it into my tits but his cock was still hard so I bent over so he could fuck me some more Doggy Fashion which he did hard and fast and I soon reached orgasm, then I lay back and fingered my wet cunt while he wanked his stiff cock and shot a second load all over my pussy which I scooped up with my fingers and sucked up all that lovely cum. Molly xxx

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