Lady Savana the Window Cleaner and the Maid

Submitted by Aleksei
80 days ago
I was working as a Maid for Lady Savana and I informed her that the Window Cleaner had finished so sent him up to see her, it was a new chap and much younger than the usual guy and as Lady Savana does not like to part with her cash she negotiated a different sort of payment with the window cleaner and she soon had his Cock out and was sucking on his stiff cock but he soon had her knickers off and was gorging himself on her juicy pussy before finger fucking her until she reached a climax, he was keen for more so Lady Savana called me and I was surprised to see her and the Window Cleaner half naked and hard at it and I was delighted when she asked me to join the fun, I climbed on the bed and started sucking on Lady Savanas tits while he finger fucked me then I lay back and he got between my legs and sucked on my pussy while lady Savana sucked on my nipples then his tongue found its way round to my arse hole while lady savanna played with his balls, next we both bent over and he fingered my while rimming Savana, then we swapped and he finger fucked Savana while rimming my arse, next we lay him on his back and I sat on his face while Savana tugged on his cock, Savana then started sucking on his cock while I sucked on his balls then my turn to such on his thick shaft which was getting nice and hard, Lady Savana wanted some more Oral so we both got between her legs and sucked on her clit and licked her pussy, next I bent over and licked Savanas juicy pussy while the Window cleaner buried his tongue deep inside my juicy cunt after which we kissed so I could taste my juices we then lay him on his back and once again I sucked on his stiff Cock before letting Savana have a go and Sucked on her arse while fingering her pussy, I slid my body up on top of her and joined her in sucking his stiff cock getting him ready to fuck lady Savana, she climbed aboard and rode him Cowgirl while I fingered his arsehole next she lay back and he fucked her while I got to work on my cunt with a nice vibrator, my turn next and I tugged hard on his cock and he finger fucked me and Lady Savana made good use of the Vibrator, I spread my legs wide and he thrust his stiff cock deep inside me and fucked me hard, next he took his cock out of me and wanked hard on his cock while finger fucking me until I reached orgasm next he shot his full load all over my face and body covering me in his hot thick Spunk, I was covered in his cum it was awesome and he was quick to use his tongue to clean me up. Trisha xxx

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