Mistress Trisha Punishes Her Slave

Submitted by Aleksei
390 days ago
I had lost a set of my Anal Beads and I had it on good authority one of my slaves has stolen them so I summoned him for punishment, I bent him over the bed and sure enough there they were stuck up his arse so I removed them and started to whip his sorry arse with 2 of my floggers before moving on to my paddle and then my 2 riding crops after which I lay back on the bed and got him to suck my Strap-On Cock then I once again bent him over and lubed up my Strap-On and slid it deep into his sad arse and fucked him with a vengeance while he squealed like a little piggie then I made him suck it clean then I stood up and he removed my strap-on and my panties then he sucked my nipples and fingered my pussy before laying me on my back and pleasuring me orally but I needed something more so I strapped on the mouth Gag dildo tight on his head and allowing him to fuck me hard bringing me to orgasm, I then removed the gag and he cleaned it then I bent over and he buried his tongue deep in my tight little arse hole and licked it clean, he said he needed to go so he relieved himself into an empty glass and when finished I passed the glass to him so he could sample it after which I had a sip then I dismissed him to tidy up all my toys, then I lay back and spread my legs and started fingering my juicy pussy. Mistress Trisha XXX

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