Monica The Mischevious Maid (2019)

Submitted by Aleksei
1102 days ago
I was working as a Maid for Lady Savana and whilst tidying her bedroom I found a really smart Pink vibrator under her pillow, so I just had to give it a try, I switched it on and removed my dress and climbed on the bed I spread my legs wide and fortunately I was wearing my pink crotch less satin panties so no access problems and I quickly got to work finger fucking myself before sliding the vibe deep in my wet cunt. I pounded away deep and hard with the vibe which had a nice clit stimulator which really hit the spot and it didnt take me long to reach a climax after which I licked all my juices from its shaft and when clean I popped it back under the pillow, but I wondered what other toys Lady Savana might have hidden away so I took a look in the drawers of her bedside table. To my surprise there was a drawer full of toys so I reached for another pink vibe but this one had like a paddle wheel attached to the end which span round, this was obviously to stimulate the Clit by gently spanking it well it certainly hit the spot and I tried it in quite a few positions before bending over and letting the paddle wheel spank my arse hole before laying on my back and really getting to work on my cunt fucking the vibe hard until I reached orgasm. I licked all my juices from the vibe and put it back in the drawer and pulled out a big black Rabbit vibrator, I switched it on and slid it into my wet cunt and pounded away, I had lost all track of time and was oblivious to my surroundings and the next thing I knew Lady Savana came in and caught me playing, but that’s another story…………………… Trisha AKA Monica (The Mischievous Maid) xx
Naughty Maid

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