Nurses Playtime

Submitted by Natasha
680 days ago
Auntie Trisha here and I am Head Nurse at Dr Dailys Private Clinic where we deal with Sexual problems, There was a new girl started, Nurse Tempest and I wanted to take her under my wing so to speak and get my Hands on her before the Dirty Doctor Did, I started by introducing her to some of the Equipment we use at the Clinic but I couldn’t keep my Hands off of her and before long we were both Naked and Kissing and Caressing and fondling each others Bodies, I think the best way to learn any new technique is through experience so I started by Demonstrating in full the use of the equipment on Nurse Tempest and she was a more than willing and responsive subject, I was confident she was ready so asked he to demonstrate the use of the equipment on me so I lay back and let Nurse Tempest show me what she had learnt, and I must admit she certainly was a quick learner as it didnt take her long to bring me to Orgasm. Auntie Trisha (Head Nurse)

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