On The Beach

Submitted by Aleksei
436 days ago
I am having a day out at the seaside with the Dirty Doctor and we are heading to the nudist beach at Studland so we hop on the ferry and cross over to the beach and we soon find ourselves in the dunes and of course you guessed it I need a piss, theres no one around so I squat down and piss in the sand before finding a nice spot to strip off and work on my all over tan, we soon get stripped off and The Doc is helping me with my suntan lotion, The doc kneeled up so I could put some lotion on his cock and balls, we dont what that to get sunburnt now do we, and he noticed we had attracted a crowd they were popping up like Meerkats all over the dunes but we didnt care let them watch, now I didn’t want to get my pussy lips sun burnt but the Doc very kindly rubbed plenty of sun Tan lotion all over them which felt really nice. Molly xx
Nudest Beach

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