Presents from my Admirers

Submitted by Aleksei
940 days ago
Time for a little fashion show for you I’m wearing a beautiful Black Leotard and my new CFM black Strappy Sandals, but I have some Gifts from Admirers I want to show you, some very skimpy but sexy micro things, but first I slip my leotard down and start to play with my tits before taking it off and putting on the first pair of Micro thongs a black pair with a zip and rubbing it between my pussy lips before poking it into my very wet cunt making it nice and fragrant, I take if off and smell it, its divine so I lick all those sweet juices off before reaching for the next pair a white jewelled thong and slipping it on, it looks and feels so sexy with the jewels passing between my pussy lips, I turn round and bend over to give you all a good look before rubbing it between my pussy lips before taking it off and pushing in deep into my wet juicy cunt then taking it out and licking all the juices off, It smells and tastes so good, but time to look at the third pair a beautiful pearl thong and I slide it on and the pearls feel so good between my pussy lips, I really think I should wear it out one day but for now its time to play so I lay back and rub the pearls against my clit before taking them off and pushing them into my juicy hole until they all disappear, but they feel oh so good as I slide them out then I lick all my sweet juices off before putting them away. Molly xxx

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