Sex Crazed Lesbian Zombies

Submitted by Aleksei
260 days ago
Head Nurse Trisha had just completed Savanas final examination prior to her discharge and had turned on the TV for her to watch while waiting for me The Dirty Doctor to see her and sign her final release papers. Suddenly normal programming was interrupted by a terrifying news flash, terrorists had unleashed a deadly nerve agent and various targets around the world and my Clinic was one of the targets, and my patients and nurses were turning into sex crazed zombies, I quickly locked myself into the isolation lab to avoid contamination, but watched in horror on CCTV as Nurse Trisha and Savanna, both now Zombies engaged in the most degenerate acts of sexual depravity and wanton debauched desire. Fortunately, we had been working with the government to develop an antidote and I had a test sample ready for testing so I released it into air conditioning system and it seamed to work after initially falling unconscious both Nurse Trisha and Savana awoke in some sense of normality and the rest of the clinic followed suit. The Dirty Doctor

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