The Arrest

Submitted by Aleksei
27 days ago
That Arch Criminal “Seductive Summer” a member of Big Franks Gang had escaped from Prison and I was responding to an APB to locate and capture her, I had received a tip off that she was holed up in a house on my patch so I decided to investigate and my information was correct and I caught her hiding in the Bedroom and proceeded to arrest her and I decided to punish her and gave her a spanking but I was drawn to her juicy pussy and was soon fingering her before sucking on her large Tits, and before I knew it she was working her seductive charms on me and soon had me stripped off and was sucking on my Tits and It wasn’t long before we were lying naked together on the bed and I was fingering her juicy pussy and sucking on her clit but decided to introduce her to my cool Granite dildo which she enjoyed immensely, I gave her a good fucking with it before slapping her arse then slapping her pussy with a riding crop but she wanted more of the dildo and fucked herself with it while I rubbed her clit and she started screaming and squirting as she reached orgasm, next she started kissing and cuddling me then somehow managed to Handcuff me with my own cuffs before slipping on my uniform and making her escape. Officer Trisha

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