The Burglar

Submitted by Natasha
1263 days ago
Back to April 2010 for this Gem, shot in SD so excuse the quality but lovingly restored and remastered for your enjoyment, and for the First time put together in its entirety and a full 60 mins long, so lets get into the action as The Burglar is Rummaging through Auntie Trishas Underwear Drawers and let her tell you the story……… Well let me tell you theres nothing scarier than coming home to find your Front Door open and then to discover theres someone in your Home, you need a cool Head and keep your wits about you, so its just like a game of Poker, Bluff And Bluff again, but I managed to captured the burglar who was stealing from my Bedroom, he was a Frenchman and quite Good looking with an eight inch cock so I wasted no time in Punishing him for his crimes, I chained him to my bed and began riding him hard and milking his throbbing Cock before Calling the Police. I called my Niece who was a Sargent working for the Serious Crime Squad and She advised me to keep him chained until She Arrived, and when she did she took matters into hand, literally as she soon grabbed hold of his cock and played with it until it was nice and hard before stripping off very sensually to keep him aroused. After Sucking hard on his cock it was time to ride him before unchaining him and letting him fuck her hard, but she needed a DNA Sample and what better way to collect it than a good facial after which she took him into the Kitchen for some good old fashioned watersports before running him into Jail. Auntie Trisha xxx

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