The Debt Collectors

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1275 days ago
Im on the bed with my friend Filthy Emma and we are enjoying an afternoon of sexy fun, we start by getting out tits out sucking on each others nipples before we turn our attention to our wet pussies, Emma Finger fucks herself then I get between her legs and suck hard on her juicy pussy, Emma removes my panties before returning the favour and starts by rubbing my clit and sucking on my pussy lips before burying her tongue deep in my soaking wet cunt after which we kiss and Cuddle passionately but I needed to talk to her about a very serious matter, The Rent ! it had not been paid and the Landlord was chasing us and we both were broke, absolutely Skint ! but we had a plan, the next thing there was a knock on the door and it was The Debt Collectors! Trickee Dickee & Johnny Hardcore from the Dirty Bastards Debt Collection agency Fortunately we were very scantly clad and when we suggested payment in kind to cover our rent arrears they both agreed to this arrangement and Emma was soon sucking hard on Johnny cock while I took Trickee in hand so to speak and once their cocks were nice and hard we swapped over so I could have a taste of Johnnys member. They decided they wanted to fuck us so they stripped off and lay naked on the bed and we sucked hard on their stiff cocks Johnny was soon ready and I climbed aboard and slide his thick shaft deep in my wet juicy cunt and Emma did likewise with Trickee and we were soon both bouncing away up and down. Time to swap and Emma climbed aboard Johnnys Cock while I sucked hard on Trickees member, Emma changed to Reverse Cowgirl position and squeezed her tits as she bounced up and down before bending over so Johnny could fuck her deep and hard in the Doggy position while I continued sucking Trickees Cock. I lay back on the Bed and spread my legs wide and Trickee buried his stiff cock deep in my wet juicy cunt while Emma sucked hard on Johnnys cock once more Trickee then started to suck all the juices from my wet cunt, then time for more Cock Sucking and I think these guys were getting ready to cum. Johnny Wanked his cock hard over Emmas face while I once again climbed aboard Trickees Cock and rode him hard reverse cowgirl and Emma squeezed hard on my tits, Johnny was nearly ready to cum and Emma fingered her cunt and squeezed her tits while Johnny wanked his cock I bent over to suck Emmas pussy and Trickee got behind me and fucked me hard doggy. Emma took Johnnys Cock deep in her mouth and Johnny shot his full load deep in her mouth and I licked it up as it dribbled out of her mouth, Trickees turn next and I sat up and Trickee wanked his stiff cock and shot his full load all over my face and in my mouth and Emma was quick to help me clean up. Well that’s one way to pay the rent Trisha xxx

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