The Decorators

Submitted by Aleksei
563 days ago
My Step Daughter Selena was home from boarding school and it was so good to see her after being away for so long, I left her to get settled in while I popped down the shops to get something nice for tea, but when shes alone in my bedroom she finds some of my toys and starts to play and it doesnt take her long to get her knickers off and shes soon pounding away with a nice black dildo burying it deep in her wet juicy cunt and she soon reaches a satisfying climax, but one orgasm is never enough so she continues to pleasure herself until completely satisfied, but Unbeknown to Selena the Decorators were watching her through the partly opened door, but they got a bit over enthusiastic and tumbled into the bedroom, but by now Selena was ready for some cock and now she had two so she soon had them stripped off and ready to play and after sucking hard on their cocks, they were nice and hard, so she lay back and Trickee Dickee fucked her while she sucked on Johnny Hardcores Cock, then it was time for some doggy so Johnny got behind her and fucked her while she sucked on Trickees Cock, when he was nice and hard so Selena climbed aboard and fucked him Cowgirl while Johnny looked on and stroked his stiff cock, Selina then once again bent over and sucked Trickees cock and Johnny got behind her and fucked her then Trickee changed places with Johnny and they were Spit-Roasting Selena when I came in and caught them, at first I was shocked but when I saw the size of their stiff cocks and with very little encouragement I stripped off and joined in the fun and I was soon sucking on their stiff cocks after which they returned the favour and sucked on our juicy pussies then it was time for some more Cock Sucking we wanted them nice and hard and ready to fuck us so we bent over so they could fuck us doggy fashion and they both took it in turns to give us both a real good fucking and after we both had reached orgasm the boys laid back on the bed and we licked all our pussy juices of their wet cocks, then as if by magic they both stood to attention once again so what else could us girls do but climb aboard and ride them cowgirl after a while we both turned round and rode them Reverse cowgirl and once we had reached a satisfying climax we climbed off and Trickee lay back and Selina and I sucked his cock and balls while Johnny got behind me and fucked me doggy, Trickee then got behind Selena and fucked her doggy while I lay on my back and kissed Selena and sucked on her tits while Johnny Fucked me, time for Trickee to cum and he shot his full load over Selena’s tits and I licked it all off, now we had had our Fun with the Decorators and I sent them back to work now it was time to have some good old fashioned girlie playtime with Selena so we started kissing and sucking each others nipples before reaching for our toys and Selena went for her favourite Big Black Dildo, she pounded away at her hot wet pussy with the dildo then I reached for my slim smooth purple G-spot vibe and started teasing my clit and rubbing it between my pussy lips before sliding it in deep hard and fast while Selena sucked on my nipples and rubbed my clit. Auntie Trisha xxx

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