The Dungeon

Submitted by gary69
1880 days ago
Two weary travellers, lost and in need of refreshment come across a house in a very isolated spot and decide to call in, the owner makes them welcome and offers them a drink, they soon fall asleep but when they awake they find themselves tied up in a dungeon and at the mercy of Mistress Trisha. After giving Cathy a good spanking and discovering she really is a Cross Dressing Male Mistress Trisha Unties Lily May and instructs her to squeeze on Cathy's balls as she continues to whack her. Next they tie Cathy to the Rack and stretch her before trying to get her Cock hard, no luck there so in the stocks with her. Cathy watches from the stocks as Mistress Trisha gets a taste of Lily May's Pussy before the mistress demands the same from Lily May, after sucking and fingering the mistresses cunt Cathy is released and given the opportunity to join in and suck on Trisha's Pussy while she sucks on Lily's Tit's. then it's Cathy's turn to be tied to the Cross. Lily May had been extremely cooperative so Mistress Trisha rewarded her by allowing her to break in a new slave, so after giving him a good whipping and flogging and squeezing his balls it was once again time to Try and get Cathy aroused but to no avail but Cathy and Lily used this as an opportunity to turn the tables and tie Mistress Trisha to the Cross and make good their escape. The Doc

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