The Emergency

Submitted by Natasha
1680 days ago
I had been in some serious negotiations with Lexie after which she collapsed so what else could I do but call for an ambulance and two Paramedics, Trisha & Lily May, were on the scene within 5 mins of my call they were very efficient and after making sure Lexie was alright they started asking questions about what we were doing and I explained we were Negotiating a deal and they wanted to see what I used during our negotiations so I showed them my Cock, They said that they needed to examine it as that was routine procedure so who was I to refuse. They started to Examine my cock and it soon rose to the occasion as they gently stroked it and I didn't complain as they started wanking it and sucking on it so it was inevitable they would ride it which they did, neither of them could get enough especially Trisha whom I bent over and gave a good Fucking to and when I was ready to cum she insisted I cum all over her face and in her mouth and she didn't waste a drop. Merlin

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