The New Girl

Submitted by Natasha
1487 days ago
Pandora Here and Im the Head girl at a posh Boarding school for girls, we had just had a new intake of Girls and my Friend Trisha had just gone down to pick up one of the new girls who showed some promise and might be considered to join our select gang of friends. Trisha brought back a gorgeous young thing called Claire tall with nice big boobs, she seemed very keen to join our little group, we soon had her laying down on the bed and had her shirt undone and her knickers off and were sucking on her nipples. We started to play with her pussy which soon got very wet and juicy, we spread it wide and rubbed her clit and Trisha wasted no time in taking off her dress and getting between her legs and licking her hot wet Cunt. Trisha feasted on her pussy until she was almost ready to cum, I then decided it was time to introduce her to one of my favourite toys my Mini magic wand, she writhed and moaned as I pushed hard against her clit and she soon reached a very wet Orgasm. We were so busy concentrating on making Claire Squirt that we didnt really notice the biology teacher sneak in and settle down to watch us, we made Claire Squirt one more time before our teacher stripped off and joined her on the bed, she wasted no time in getting to work on his big black cock. We were watching as Claire made him really hard and ready for her to ride him, she certainly knew what see was doing as she climbed aboard and slide up and down on his thick shaft, after bringing herself to a climax she dismounted and we joined her on the bed to suck all the juices off of his cock. My turn next and I bent over the bed ready to receive a large portion of Black Meat, He fucked me Hard as Claire and Trisha looked on while kissing and caressing on the bed, Trishas turn and she spread her legs wide as sir fucked her while Claire spanked him and I teased his peachy bum with his cane. Claires turn for some doggy and she bent over and sucked on my juicy cunt while sir fucked her over the bed whilst Trisha caned him hard, time for the cat to get the cream and Claire sucked hard on his throbbing member until he shot his full load in her mouth, which of course she shared with her friends. Pandora xxx

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