The Pink Sisters

Submitted by Aleksei
1133 days ago
Im here on the Bed with my Good Friend Savana wearing matching pink lingerie sent to us by one of our admirers here on Dirty Doctors Videos for which we cannot thank him enough, he also sent me a pink satin bed set so its time to play so after playing with our pussies and Tits and sucking each others nipples Its time to introduce Savana to some of my sex toys of which I have a good selection both old and new to play with, so we start with a nice (You Guessed It) Pink Vibrator which I slide effortlessly deep into Savanas Wet Juicy cunt the bunny ears teasing her clit I work the vibe faster and faster and she soon reaches a satisfying climax, next Its my turn to be satisfied so I select a nice smooth (once again) Pink Vibrator and I spread my legs and pussy lips while Savana applies some lube then she slowly slides it deep in my wet and willing cunt she works it in and out deeper and deeper until I reach orgasm, but I need to be screwed and Savana spots just the toy for the job among my collection a spiral corkscrew vibe and she reaches for it and switches it on and I spread my Pussy lips wide and she teases my clit with the tip of the vibe before twisting it slowly drilling deep in my wet cunt I writhe with pleasure as she pushes it in all the way and shakes it vigorously until I reach a climax. Next I introduce Savana to Mr Spunky a silicone dildo that squirts, I rub it between her tits and I squeeze the balls and Mr Spunky squirts his full load all over her tits but now he is empty so we have to fill him up again so he is ready to fuck me, I spread my legs and Savana slides Mr Spunky deep into my cunt and I reach a climax just as Mr Spunky shoots his full load deep inside me, now he is empty Savana fills him up ready to go again then Savana bends over and Mr Spunky shoots his full load all over her arse and the spunk slides down between her arse cheeks until it reaches her pussy I then use Mr Spunky to rub all that spunk all over her arse and pussy then we begin to fill him up again as its my turn now so I bend over and Savana slides Mr Spunky into my wet cunt and Fucks me Doggy hard and fast until she pulls him out and he shoots his full load all over my arse and Savana rubs it all in we kiss and cuddle and think about getting cleaned up but Savana wants to carry on as she has not yet been fucked by Mr Spunky, So we fill him up once more and Savana opens her legs and spreads her pussy lips wide and I slide him deep into Savanas juicy cunt I work him in and out until Savana reaches a climax and I squeeze hard on Mr Spunkies Balls and he shoots his thick creamy spunk deep in her pussy, I slide him out and spread Savanas pussy and watch all that spunk drip out before heading for the Shower. Trisha xxx

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