Training a new Nurse

Submitted by Aleksei
1365 days ago
As part of the Dirty Doctors International Recruitment Programme we had a new Nurse “Shooting Star” join us at the clinic here in Geneva, I dont know where she was originally from but she came to us from a Clinic in Sydney Australia and it was my responsibility as Head Nurse to give her some training with the equipment we use here at the clinic, But first we needed to get to know each other a little better and we were soon sucking on each others tits. We were really hitting it off and Shooting Star was soon between my legs licking and sucking on my pussy before I Returned the favour and she played with her nipples while I rubbed her clit and spread her pussy lips wide so I could slide my tongue deep in her wet cunt and lick out all those sweet juices before finger fucking her she was very responsive so time to introduce her to a very powerful vibrating wand which seamed to be hitting the spot. I worked the wand hard on her clit an she soon reached a very loud and satisfying orgasm so after she composed herself it was her turn to stimulate me, I needed to make sure she was competent in the use of this piece of equipment and my training must have been good as she certainly knew what to do with the wand and I was soon writhing about with pleasure as I reached an electrifying climax. Moving on with the training I brought a Big Black Vibrating Rabbit into play and after demonstrating the various functions she lay back and spread her legs wide and I slid the tip of the vibrator between her pussy lips before slipping the shaft effortlessly deep in her juicy cunt until the bunny ears tickled her clit, she took over control of the vibe and pounded away on her cunt while I sucked her nipples and once again she reached a very loud and gratifying Climax. I licked all the juices from the Rabbit Vibe and she spread her pussy wide and fingered herself, when she had calmed down I handed her a smooth powerful vibe and lay back and opened my legs and spread my pussy wide and she pushed the vibe deep in my wanting cunt thrusting it in and out deeper and deeper constantly adjusting the settings until it was buried as far as it would go, she continued with the treatment until she made me cum, she certainly got the hang of that one. Time to finish this training session with a surprise, so I produced a large double ended dildo and She didn’t need much of an introduction into its use and we were both soon scissoring with the dildo buried deep inside us, we fucked each other relentlessly taking the dildo all the way deep in our wet juicy cunts until we both reached very noisy and powerful orgasms after which we sucked all the juices off of the dildo. Head Nurse Trisha xxx

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