Trick or Treat

Submitted by Natasha
225 days ago
It’s Halloween and I’ve been out Trick or Treating and let me tell you I got a great response especially with the Sexy Witches costume I had on, but let’s take a look at some of the goodies in my bag, Well as you can see I have quite a selection of toys, Glass Dildo’s Vibrators of all shapes and sizes and a metal jewelled Butt Plug, what a fantastic Haul, well I know you guys just want to watch me play so let’s kick off with a nice cold Glass Dildo which slides nicely into my wet pussy and goes in all the way nice and deep and it’s so hard and firm just like I hope your Cocks are getting, come on boy’s I know you’re playing as you watch me, what’s next I hear you say, well I have a nice G-Spot Vibrator and a nice little Clit tickler so between the two of them I’m sure to reach a climax, so just watch and see and it doesn’t take me long at all, I hope you guys don’t come that quick, let’s finish off with that jewelled But Plug, watch me slide it into my willing arse, oh what a feeling, so hard and firm and it fit’s so snugly in my tight little arse, but my camera man The Dirty Doctor Thinks I have been a very naughty Girl and I deserve a good Spanking, well Yes I have been naughty so I suppose I better take my Punishment so after the Doc had spanked my arse Red He turned me over and got his Head between my legs and gave my pussy and clit a real good work out with his tongue which made me cum all in his mouth, what a reward for such a good orgasm. Morgan x

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