Two Naughty Schoolgirls

Submitted by Aleksei
2279 days ago
My Best friend Pandora had been expelled! and I was worried I might be next and to make matters worse the Head girl was coming to see me, and I don't know what she wants, but she is the head of our sports team and I'm her star Hockey Player so we shall see. Savana the head girl said she had heard rumours of me and Pandora and a few other girls meeting for some Girlie playtime as well hanging around the Bike sheds giving the senior boys sexual favours in return for Tuck Shop money, well she was right so I had to get her round to my way of thinking so invited her to join our girlie club. See was very keen to join our club and was responding well to my touch as we started her initiation ceremony, we were soon kissing and cuddling and sucking each other's nipples as we stripped off, then I lay savanna on her back and sucked hard on her pussy until she reached orgasm, next it was my turn and I lay back and let Savana's Tongue lick my wet and juicy cunt until I reached a satisfying climax. Savana was now a fully-fledged member of our girlie club so time to introduce her to the activities behind the bike sheds, so we made a couple of Pussy Pops to sell to the Boys and off we went. Trisha xxx

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